Nutrition: Pre-Keto (Gluten Free)

My system is naturally too acidic and has caused periodic problems since my late teens. I have done extensive research on eating nutritiously for me, and in particular focused on gluten free, raw, and predominantly alkaline foods. Below is a list of alkaline based foods for health.

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Alkaline Foods for proper Bladder pH Health

NOTE:  those *starred* are items I rarely eat because they tend to be higher in sugar.

Root Vegetables

*beets* - *carrots* -  turnips - rutabaga


lemons - limes (lemons are the actually considered the best alkalizing for blood pH)


Not only alkalizing, but good for cardiovascular and immune health.


There are many healthy greens, but there are only a few I like and eat daily. Spinach is my ABSOLUTE favorite and I eat 6 cups of fresh spinach leaves in my super-food green smoothie. I also LOVE broccoli, cabbage, and cauliflower. Others are: kale, swiss chard, and turnip greens, brussel sprouts.

Some Sources for more information has an awesome chart showing acidic vs. akaline foods


Green Smoothies

MUST We Always Eat Organic?

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