Over 50+ Fitness

Over 50+ Fitness Challenges

As a recreational ballet dancer who is over 50 years of age, I encounter many challenges to stay active to a level not normally seen in someone my age. Two severe ankle/foot injuries in the last two years have curtailed my ballet dancing. It IS harder to recover from injury as one gets older.

Additional challenges to fitness as women age are also tied to hormones, metabolism changes, and potential chemical imbalances.

I'm an 50+ fitness fanatic who constantly looks at ways to 'mix up' I look to my internet fitness friends and family. What are YOUR challenges and what would you like to see discussed here?

Challenges of Fitness as We Get Older

Belly Bulge

As a 50+ woman who has experienced four pregnancies and early menopause, it has been a challenge for the last 20 years to reduce the belly bulge. My son also affectionately referred to my slight tummy as a 

Besides fitness exercises derived from ballet, Pilates, isometrics, and P90x I have gotten into Peak Fitness Training and Burst Training.

NOTE:  you DO NOT have to work out two hours a day, 6 days a week* to be/maintain fit(ness).

20-30 minutes of 'mix-it-up' exercise routines 2-3 days a week with weight resistance training on alternate days with one day of rest is key.

It is also very important to note that eating requirements as we age do change, for some quite a lot. Check out my Nutrition Page and blog posts for yummy recipes and ideas to keep the body as fit as possible along your path to embracing YOUR inner child.

Drop me a line if you have any ideas for future posts you would like to see covered.

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