Monday, January 8, 2018

Keto On! Trying to Maintain a Keto LifeStyle After One Year

My journey to the Keto lifestyle came from a friend I sing with who lost almost 200 pounds by following a Keto lifestyle. I was already gluten free, and had given up all starches except toast, gluten free crackers, and movie popcorn.

Since going through early menopause nearly 20 years ago, my always slim figure had gained 20 unwanted pounds over the course of a 10 year period. I was lucky that the weight gain wasn't obvious and I was working out and dancing ballet 4-6 days a week to stay in shape...until my injury.

After my injury I was unable to dance for three years and gained an additional 20 pounds--pre-diabetes was now rearing its ugly head!!

I decided to increase my exercise and joined a Warrior Fitness Challenge against seven other women--most young enough to be my daughter.

I started the Keto way of eating by doing the following:

1. I calculated my macros

2. I created a nutrition log where I calculated all nutritional information for everything I ate by hand.

3. I tried keeping a food log in FitBit, and then changed to using MyFitnessPal

4. I had trouble getting enough calories and hitting my daily macros, so I started to search for Keto recipes to add calories and variety to my diet (fat bombs too!!)

After nearly nine months of disciplined focus, I lost the 45 pounds AND won the Warrior Fitness Challenge.

Now I'm in maintenance mode and finding that I'm bored with eating the same 20 things...