Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Challenges of Fitness as We Get Older

Staying Fit as we get Older

  • My motto is "Age is Just a Number."
  • My inner child is a perpetual 10 year old
  • I'm physically/mentally younger than my peers
  • I'm may also be more active/athletic than many of my peers as well.
  • I don't look my age.
  • I don't always act my age.
  • I'm a healthy eating/life style person
  • Even my monthly health insurance premium is statistically lower than my peer group.
All that being said, I am chronologically over 50 years of age and on most days, something on my body hurts.

Until my 51st birthday two years ago (oops, I revealed my age...) I never had an injury that kept me out of the fitness game for more than three months. However, in the last two years I have had two serious ankle/foot injuries that side-lined my 4-6 days a week dancing to nearly two years of recovery!!!!

As much as I feel lucky to have the attributes listed above, the fact of the matter is that I am getting older. 
I often think about my grandma who would tell me how she'd forget that she was in her 80's. I cannot tell you how many weekends were spent with my grandma people watching and walking around the local shopping mall, where she would wear me out. Invariably the next day would have her lamenting about the aches and pains because she was so wrapped up in her adventure that she ignored the fact that she was an 80+ year old woman. Grandma didn't act like an old lady, but her sore body would remind her the following day just how much she had overdone the physical activity the day before. Grandma would often lament that she was a 19 year old trapped inside of an old lady's body.

"Grandma would often lament that she was a 19 year old girl trapped inside of an old lady's body." 
THAT is indeed a statement that I can relate to on a daily basis.

  • So I juggle frequent conflicting thoughts and feelings about:
  • Keep perspective, you are not a teenager anymore.
  • Listen to the messages that your body is trying to tell you about how it is doing.
  • Be kind to yourself, keep perspective, and focus on the positive.
  • Things can always be worse!!
  • Hopefully time does heal all ills and injuries
  • We are human and not infallible (that's why there's erasers on the end of pencils).

Comments? Thoughts?

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