Thursday, July 4, 2013

Re-thinking Words: Gender Sensitivity

Re-thinking Words:  Gender Sensitivity

No man? No woman? You BE the person!

Hubby and I were having a conversation that turned silly. He was describing those round black things in the ground in the middle of the road.

I said, "oh, you mean a manhole cover?"
He said, "no, that's a person-hole cover to be politically correct"
Well you can imagine the hilarity that ensued from that point forward.
We then proceeded to make a list of all the words, phrases, names, and expressions that we could think of that contained either the word "man" or "woman" and replace it with the word "person."

OF COURSE, this exercise is very SILLY and is only meant to have fun and engage with our "inner child."

Original                                     Replacement
No man is an island                  No person is an island
No man's land                           No person's land
Manned spaceship                   Person-ned spaceship
Who's the MAN!                       Who's the PERSON!
You BE the MAN!                     You BE the PERSON!!
(wo)mankind                             Personkind (of course)
man-of-war                                Person-of-war
a woman's wiles                        a person's wiles
I am woman, here me ROAR     I am person, here my ROAR
(wo)manhood                            personhood (what else could it be?)
It's a man's world                        It's a person's world

Superman                                  SuperPERSON (tee, hee, hee)
Wonder Woman                         Wonder PERSON (ROFL!!!)
CatWoman                                 CatPERSON (oh dear...)
Batman                                      BatPERSON (now we're REALLY getting silly)

alderman, assemblyman, backwoodsman, bellman, business(wo)man etc.

Of course, the MOST HILARIOUS one to us was


HA, HA!!!!! would become                              BoogeyPERSON (would NOT be afraid of him)

Last, but not least is for those Star Trek fans!!
To boldly go, where no person has gone before!!! :)

Can you think of any words or phrases that we missed?

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  1. you are the coolest sister ever. <3 <3 <3