Sunday, March 7, 2010

Even More of a Non-Bunhead

Several months ago I took the plunge and cut my hair so short that I could no longer put it up in a bun. I worried that I wouldn't look like a ballet dancer anymore without my bun. At the same time, I'm torn because I'm nearly 50 years old and wonder what is an acceptable look for a woman 'my age.' Of course, I'm even more conflicted because I don't look my age and my inner child is only 10 years old afterall. :P

So after a five mile hike with hubby yesterday and feeling frumpy about my curly tresses, I popped in and got a $16 haircut. The parameters? I don't blow dry. I just want to tossle it and go.

So here are the results. My husband, who loved my long hair, loves my short hair.

I'll just have to get in touch with my inner ballerina whilst donning short hair, right? :)
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