Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Keto Way of Life/Eating: Tracking to Hit Macros & Get Essential Nutrients

The most crucial things I have found living a keto way of life is getting the essential nutrients, and hitting my macros.

In an earlier post, I talked about calculating your keto macros to get the right ratio of protein and fat while you're trying to live a very low carb life.

Here's my current keto macros and you can see the URL to calculate your own:

My Keto Macro Calculations

I've always tracked my food, not because I'm obsessed by calories (or eating too much). On the contrary, I naturally forget to eat and tend to not eat enough generally. When I first started keto, my inadequate protein consumption led to hair loss and muscle wasting!!

I keep myself on track nutritionally by tracking food consumption using "My Fitness Pal."
Some people don't officially track their food and do fine, but it's too easy for me to be off track.

BOTTOM LINE:  In my personal opinion, just get nutritional values for your list of foods so you can do a quick check to make sure you have the right balance for you and your goals.

I do a quick manual check every couple of days to make sure I'm on track.
The REASON I do a MANUAL check is because none of the apps track net carbs, which is what we care about. :-)

I admit I DO get CARRIED AWAY because I like spreadsheets!!!

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