Friday, March 14, 2014

Cutting the Cake: Life Balance & Time Management in a Busy Life

Cutting the Cake:  Life Balance / Time Management

Normally when one reads about 'cutting the cake' they think of that sweet confection served on a special occasion (wedding, birthday).

In this case, I'm talking about all the activities of your daily life being represented by a pie chart.

For many of us, working a job and sleeping are close to equal, and take up the majority of our day. If you add commuting to and from your job, job related time is the most time consuming part.

I'm looking at starting a new job next week (have been a freelancer for most of the last 15 years). The major change for me is the huge shift from working from home and not being at home with my aging dogs and semi-retired husband.

Trying to have a life balance between the necessity of working, wanting to be healthy, and keeping the effects of stress at a minimum I plan to extend my "away from home" time to include a workout at the end of my work day or on my lunch hour. 

It sounds like a cliche, but there really aren't enough hours in the day to accomplish our daily 'to do list.' Personally, there won't be enough time or energy to cook dinner or clean the house to the level that makes me happy. A luxury that I would LOVE to afford, but cannot is to have someone come in once a month to clean. 

Weekends will be even more precious to de-stress and enjoy non-work activities. How do you de-stress and add fun and exercise to your work day?

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