Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Do you Believe in Ghosts, ESP, or the Paranormal?


As a child I had a number of 'invisible' experiences that were bewildering to me. The experiences were varied in that I either felt a presence in a physical space to which I had entered, or a preminition of some future event. My recollections of these experiences are with mixed feelings because I was often faced with ridicule from my family whenever I would vocalize one of the events. I learned to not talk about them with anyone, and prayed that these things would stop presenting themselves to me. As I progressed through my teen years, the experiences lessened and I was grateful. It was not until the death of my maternal Great Aunt, Iva, did I dare to speak again of such things. I did not know my Great Aunt Iva all that well. I saw her a couple of times a year at family gatherings and recall her as an old, small, quiet woman who smoked. Aunt Iva was quite frail and suffering ill health when we received the call late one night. My mother and I were watching a movie together when the telephone rang. I immediately knew that something had happened to Aunt Iva and told my mother so, as she reached for the phone. Once again that sense of knowing was there, and I was doubly sad for its return and the passing of my Great Aunt. As the family continued to grieve the loss of our Great Aunt, I broached the topic of premonitions with my Great Uncle, Scott. He began to tell me of his own experiences with precognition. Interestingly, he and I are/were the only left handed people among several hundred right handed relatives.

As I mentioned above, when the phone rang I instantly KNEW what the call was about. I had a quiet "feeling" about my Aunt all day, but did not voice it until the call. My other experiences of premonitions or precognition were much more traumatic. I was powerless to prevent any of the events that I sensed from occurring  so what was the point it having such visions? I fervently prayed for these premonitions to cease, and they eventually stopped before my 20th birthday. As an after thought from a childhood of visions, I've made it a life long practice to be aware of my surroundings and "listen" to my gut.

Paranormal Activity
I have never seen a ghost, but I have definitely experienced a number of "ghosts" or "a presence." My earliest recognition of a "presence" was a feeling that I would experience often upon entering a house for the first time. The experience of that presence was like a quiet whisper or a butterfly fluttering close by. I do not recall experiencing malevolent spirits per se, but I do recall a mischievous civil war era ghost whom I named "George" and negative karma in a house that I once occupied. Many years ago, my husband and I lived in a house at the top of a hill in Northern Virginia. The house is situated on the top of a hill, 365 feet above the historically protected byway known as Georgetown Pike. The house was the third to occupy the land. The original farm house burned down, followed by another house that burned down, until the current structure which was built in the late 1970's. The house is the traditional Virginian brick colonial architecture found so prevalent throughout the Commonwealth. My husband lived in the house for years before I came to occupy it. The following is a retelling of some of the paranormal experiences I had living there. The first time I entered the house on Georgetown Pike, I did not feel that the house was a bright and cheery place. I have a strong belief that events that occur within four walls often leave behind traces of those events. For me the easiest explanation is that houses often have karma, good or bad. This house's karma wasn't evil, but there was definitely something not quite "normal." The house belonged to my second husband and he raised his five children there. I was the second wife who would later come to rid the house of it's negative residue. Besides the house karma, I was to also encounter another surprise related to the house, a ghost -- whom we named "George." My husband's children regaled me with stories of explainable noises and objects moving of their own volition. I just assumed they were stories to scare me, "the step mother. " Although I never saw George, he made his presence known on a regular basis. We ran our businesses out of our basement offices and many times throughout the day I would hear cabinet doors slam, and feet stomp loudly across the rooms upstairs. Occasionally, I would lose my temper and yell, "Damn it George, knock it off!! I'm trying to get some work done down here!" One night my husband awoke to see George at the foot of the bed. He yelled at George, through a pillow at (through) him and then went back to sleep. I had a plan to get rid of George once and for all.

 In with the Positive and Out with the Negative
Often the presence of a lingering spirit is due to some unrest or unresolved issue. I believed that George's presence and the negative karma in the house were potentially related, and decided that if I started to change the house's karma, George would one day be at peace and no longer present himself. So for the next couple of years, I continued to fill the house with positive events that evoked the love and laughter of a family - and a little singing and dancing too! George's visits became quieter and more infrequent, and then one day it occurred to my husband and I that George was finally at rest.

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  1. Thank you so much for such an honest, open look into your hidden self. I love you so much! And you KNOW that I embrace every bit of this, and have a few stories to share as well. :-) I'm glad that George is no longer around; he seems like a bit of a turkey butt. lol And I'm sorry about the loss of your aunt, but glad about the connection that developed with your uncle as a result. I love you!