Monday, October 10, 2011

Balancing Adult and Inner Child: Crying as a stress reliever

When or Why Do You Cry?

I cry when it means something to me that evokes a STRONG emotion. Like dance, crying is a release, a stress reliever. Ultimately for me, it's probably a means of expression when emotion consumes me as a sadness where my heart aches, or I'm so happy that my heart sings.

My husband and male friends feel perplexed when I suddenly cry and within mere moments I simply stop.
I describe it as a teapot that's reached a boiling point and spews to release the pressure and within a short time I'm balanced again.

Crying is a venting mechanism for stress that helps me keep a balance between my inner child and my adult self. Of course, crying can be for other reasons and I'm not making generalizations for all, just sharing my most common reasons.

The point? We all need to find ways to de-stress so there's a balance of our adult self and inner child.

How do YOU de-stress?

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