Friday, January 22, 2010

My Bucket List (i.e. Things to Do Before I Die)

My Life List aka Bucket List of Things to Do Before I Die

Yet to Do
Sing the National Anthem in public
Go on a Cruise
See the Grand Canyon
Visit the White House
See a broadway play
Write an inspirational best seller
Join a theater group
Perform on stage as an adult
Ride in a hot air balloon
Learn to ride a horse (with style)
Visit Alaska
Visit Texas
Teach a course
Visit the Greek islands
Visit every country of my ancestry: Holland, England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales

Items in Progress
Write a children's book
Become a public speaker
Study the Bible in more detail
Learn to play the piano
Start a woman’s support group
Learn to write with my right hand (legibly)
Travel to Italy (Tuscany etc.)
Become an advocate for a worthy cause
Be a Reader at church

Items Completed
Study the major religious beliefs of the world
Study Human Anatomy
Study Psychology
Study biology
Study Child Development
Purchase my own home
See the Russian ballet
Adopt a dog
Adopt a grandmother
Travel to California
Earn my degree
Have my own business
Take a French refresher course
Sing in a band
Visit a Southern plantation


  1. Nice list! I've always wanted to learn to write with my other hand. Definitely visit Alaska. I was born there and grew up there and it's the most beautiful place I've ever seen. Good luck with your list and I love the message of embracing your inner child. Why let the "real world" crush our childhood dreams. That's why I wrote my list in the first place.